Horses can be healers

The Foundation

“I was inspired to create the ITOT Foundation as my tribute to Itot’s extraordinary bravery and warrior spirit overcoming a life-changing accident to become one of the world’s greatest show jumping horses.

My dream is that through the ITOT Foundation we can all support the incredible work that can be achieved through the power of horse therapy to help adults and children overcome their disabilities and live more fulfilling lives.
The therapeutic benefits of simply being around horses are amazing and when experienced by people of all ages with physical or mental impairments the outcomes are life changing.

Horses can be healers. I was fortunate to experience Itot’s magical qualities as we competed around the world for years. Now the ITOT Foundation will play its part in helping ensure the precious benefits of horse therapy are felt and enjoyed by as many people as possible.”

Edwina Tops-Alexander

The Mission

The mission of ITOT Foundation is to support projects offering equine therapy for children and adults with mental and physical disabilities. Through this support the ITOT Foundation aims to make horse therapy available to the greatest number of people and to raise awareness of its beneficial impact throughout the world.

The Projects

Sint Oda equine therapy centre

ITOT Foundation supports the renowned Sint Oda equine therapy centre which offers a unique range of tailor-made care for children and adults with profound and complex mental and physical disabilities. Hippotherapy, which means horse therapy, has existed for thousands of years, but the past few decades were decisive in bringing the healing benefits of horses in the rehabilitation of people with disabilities to the spotlight.


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